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David Hurley, National Board Treasurer, Bereaved Parents of the USA

PINKY~SWEAR by Persis Oberreither bares the pain the parents of Amy faced in reaching the decision to disconnect the machines that were substituting for life in their only child. Even at the tender age of eighteen, Amy and her mother had already had conversations regarding end of life issues. Amy witnessed the helplessness of others and not only had a living will, but had entered into an agreement with her mother through the custom of locking pinkies and swearing to each other that they would do their best to fulfill each other’s wishes.

I first met Persis in 2003 in St. Louis. When she was relating her story, I was overwhelmed by the intensity of her gaze. I sensed that the pain coming through her eyes came straight from her heart. This book shares that pain in a way that can be understood by all who read it. It will be particularly comforting to others that have shared this experience, and help others who may be facing such a decision to understand that they are not really crazy. Persis and [Amy’s father] Jeff are heroes to me, and I am certain that, if Amy were here, she would echo that sentiment.

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