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Excerpt 8

I wandered about the quiet courtyard for a very long time, amidst the day lilies and impatiens, until finally – finally – I lifted my eyes toward the exquisite expanse and spoke to God. “I know You didn’t do this. I know You didn’t want this. But I won’t let her suffer. And if You have a problem with that, I’ll deal with You later. Right now, my daughter needs me.” From the depths of a single soul in the universe, from a speck of life standing alone in a hospital’s courtyard, from a place not even a microscopic dot on a map, came the opening of one heart, like petals on a rose, giving breath to the very core of its intention for the Almighty Creator of Everything That Is: “Because I love her, I’m not afraid of You.”
Two hours later, Pastor Sidener arrived at the hospital and asked me, out of the clear blue, “Are you willing to let her go?”
“Yes,” I said bravely.
“I just want you to know that, should you decide to let Amy go, you’ll have the church’s support, and you’ll have God’s support.” Pastor Sidener put his hand on my shoulder. He was wearing his watch.

God had heard me!

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