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About Amy

amy_pink02225Amy was a gifted and accomplished ice hockey goaltender for more than a third of her life, playing on boys’ teams ranging from Youth to elite-level AAA to High School Varsity. But when she turned sixteen, she gave up the sport to become a fashion model, and soon she was walking the runways for Neiman-Marcus and Famous-Barr, and appearing in Dillard’s ads in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Amy did so many interesting things in her short eighteen years that I often found myself scrambling just to keep up with her. It is in keeping with that experience that this webpage has changed, to reflect not only the many intriguing changes that Amy made during the course of her lifetime, but also the painful changes that we, as bereaved parents, must continue to endure.

Amy was beautiful and athletic. And outrageously funny. But it was her sensitivity and empathy that were most compelling; never failing to draw me in, like so many others, in ways that were both surprising and humbling. Like the time she got into trouble in senior religion class for standing up and announcing that Dr. Kevorkian was her hero, because he had had the courage and the compassion to help dying people end their own terrible suffering.

In fact, the complex issues of physical suffering and quality of life had been dear to Amy’s heart for some time.

I’d love for you to get to know Amy better. There’s so much more to know.

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PINKY-SWEAR: Honoring My Daughter’s Right to Die

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