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Pinky Swear

August 11, 2009

On a chilly Monday night, the second night of fall, 2001, my eighteen-year-old daughter lost control of her car on the way home. Ejected in a rollover, Amy suffered a devastating brain injury. As she lay in a coma on life support, the doctors warned me that if she ever regained consciousness, my only child would never remember who she once was, or what she once wanted out of life.
From having witnessed the long, hard suffering of her beloved grandmother, Amy had made it clear to me what she wanted me to do if something happened to her that would rob her of her independence, her clarity of mind, and her dignity. So, out of love, I made her a promise…
…a promise that would ultimately pit me against my boundless attachment to her, against motherly instinct, against church doctrine…and against God Himself, or so I thought.
                                                       * * * * *
PINKY-SWEAR: Honoring My Daughter’s Right to Die by Persis Oberreither details the remarkable relationship that the author shares with her only child, Amy, as well as the series of events that led to the decision to have Amy’s life support removed.

More than a memoir, PINKY-SWEAR is a love story and a lament; a shocking and heartbreaking account of one mother’s profound loyalty overriding the agony of separation and loss.

Courageous…a must read for anyone willing to bear the responsibility for another’s death by being their voice, and calling for an end to their inescapable suffering.
                                                       * * * * *
                                                 Copyright 2008
                                         Happy Camper Publishing.

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